Logo Submission: Train Themes 1 - 3

Devon H. O'Dell dodell at offmyserver.com
Sun Feb 27 10:55:33 GMT 2005


I submitted the following logos for consideration in the logo contest.
Since these are separate entries varying on the same theme, I'll
condense them here.

        FreeBSD is a powerful, fast Operating System. Using a
        logo that is easily associated with power and speed is
        essential. The ``Train Logo Series'' attempts to portray
        FreeBSD in all its power and glory.

        This is the full index of a 3 part series of logo ideas
        varying on the ``Train Logo'' theme. As you can see, I
        have attempted to place the logo as a letterhead. The
        logos can also be easily condensed to fit in a square
        area or smaller shape.

        These series of logos scale well, look decent in 1-bit
        color (fax quality) and can be easily modified to
        remove the gradient, which can cost more when printed
        on foil stickers, backlit plexiglass or other media.

Full Name:
        Devon H. O'Dell

Email address: 
        dodell at offmyserver.com

Kind regards,

Devon H. O'Dell


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