simple logo idea, but no skill

Michael W. Oliver michael at
Fri Feb 25 15:21:25 GMT 2005

Hey folks, I have an idea for a logo, but zero design skill to implement
it.  The main goal behind the design was to dispel the notion that the
"Free" in FreeBSD meant only zero cost in dollars, as I have to answer
this question often.

I have some examples here:

(all created in Paint Shop Pro, so the .psp file is ready for further
manipulation via the layers & vectors of the image)

or all of them in:

All are 600x600 images, which would be easy to scale down to a badge for
computer cases.

Anyway, I make these samples available to anyone, free of any restraint,
to do with what you will.  I simply don't have the graphic design skill
to go any further with it.

Thanks all, have a great day!

Mike Oliver
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