Redistribution of FreeBSD 5.3

stheg olloydson stheg_olloydson at
Thu Feb 24 04:25:41 GMT 2005

it was said"

>My name is Bryan and I am wondering if I can freely distribute FreeBSD
>5.3. If I can redistribute it, is there anything I need to include
with >the ISO images when I distribute them? I read that I need to
include >the copyright notice. Do I need to include a seperate document
for this >copyright notice (text file or html document) or is the
copyright >notice in one of the ISO images (also, is the copyright
notice that I >would need to add the one found at
> I know these
>might be pretty stupid questions, but its better to be safe than sorry
>in my opinion. Also, is there a limit on the amount I can


If you're redistributing discs made from ISOs that you downloaded, you
don't need to do a thing. All the info will be be there automatically.
I'm cc'ing this to advocacy for correction in case things have changed
since last I checked (sometime in the last millenium).



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