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Alexandr Kovalenko never at nevermind.kiev.ua
Wed Feb 23 15:51:09 GMT 2005

[Prescriptum: sorry for the way I'm expressing my opinion.. ]

Hello, Jun Kuriyama!

On Wed, Feb 23, 2005 at 08:26:38AM +0900, you wrote:

> The FreeBSD Project is pleased to announce a public competition to
> design a new Project logo.  Entry to the competition is open to all
> individuals.
> The rules of the competition are included below.
> We look forward to receiving many varied logo designs from all
> over the world!
> Jun Kuriyama <kuriyama at FreeBSD.org>, on behalf of
> The FreeBSD Core Team <core at FreeBSD.org>.
> ============================================================
> * What is the FreeBSD Project?
> The FreeBSD Project provides a free UNIX-like operating system for the
> Intel-compatible, Alpha, and SPARC platforms, based on the
> industry-standard Berkeley Software Distribution. The FreeBSD Project
> includes several thousand developers from dozens of countries around
> the world, who funnel their work through a team of several hundred
> committers. FreeBSD is available for no cost on the Internet, and as a
> shrink-wrap product through many different retail vendors, listed at
> www.FreeBSD.org/vendors.html. For more information, please visit
> FreeBSD on the Web at www.FreeBSD.org.
> (UNIX is a trademark of The Open Group).
> The FreeBSD Project is a team of individuals from all corners of the
> globe who volunteer time and expertise to develop the FreeBSD
> operating system.
> FreeBSD is derived from historical BSD, the version of UNIX(tm)
> developed at the University of California, Berkeley.  FreeBSD is used
> as a base for Apple's Mac OS X, countless high profile web servers and
> backbone routers in the Internet.  FreeBSD is available free of
> charge, and comes with full source code and a liberal license.
> * History
> Historically, BSD-based operating systems including FreeBSD have used
> a daemon character, sometimes known as Beastie, as a mascot [1] and
> combined it with the text "FreeBSD" as an informal logo.  However,
> FreeBSD needs a formal logo for several reasons:
> 	* The Beastie mascot is not unique to FreeBSD.  Instead it is
> 	  a mascot for the entire collection of BSD-based operating
> 	  systems including 4BSD, NetBSD, and FreeBSD.

Bulls***. FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD have (had actually, before
changing to blowfish and idiotic "flag" logos) different beasties.

> 	* The Beastie mascot has been combined with the text "FreeBSD"
> 	  in several different ways.  While the various combinations
> 	  are nice, the lack of a consistent logo leaves an
> 	  unprofessional impression.

The "classical" is:

Redrawed version (c) UAFUG
http://uafug.org.ua/~never/beastie/beastie_trans.gif (preview)
http://uafug.org.ua/~never/beastie/beastie_v8.zip (AI format)

with text "FreeBSD: The Power To Serve"

> 	* The current informal logos generally do not work well in
> 	  two or three colors (such as black and white) or when scaled
> 	  to small or large sizes.  These requirements are important
> 	  for use in the press.

Any professional designer can make nice-looking any-number-of-colors
image from vector graphics.

Example: http://uafug.org.ua/projects/t-shirts/2003/design.html

> Thus, the core team has decided to call for a new logo design which is
> identifiable, can be used on professional products, and is very cool :-)

If you want to get "professional and very cool logo", you should order
it from professional designer, not an amateur for $500 being unsure if
his/her design will win the contest.

> Please note that the new logo will not replace the existing mascot.
> Beastie is here to stay as our mascot.
> [1] http://www.FreeBSD.org/copyright/daemon.html
> * Rules
> Purpose
> 	The main logo symbol for the FreeBSD Project, which will be
> 	used for the web site, software media labels, printed matter,
> 	hardware equipment and so on.  This list is not exhaustive.
> Guidance
> 	* The logo must be identifiable directly to the Project.

Do not know any other logo which will be "identifiable directly to the
Project", except for Beastie.

> 	* The logo must be original work of the submitter.
> 	* The logo should be vector graphics, not a bitmap image.
> 	* The logo should be usable in monochrome and color media,
>           including limited colors (say 2 or 3 colors).
> 	* The logo must not exploit or offend anyone's sex, race,
> 	  religion, morality, culture, nor be salacious or
> 	  pornographic.

If some people find FreeBSD logo offending because they are christians -
they are also (sorry) very unclever persons, who cannot find difference
between "demon" and "daemon". I think we are not interested in that kind
of people.

> 	* The logo must work well with the Beastie mascot so that
> 	  people are free to put the two images together when
> 	  desirable.

Beastie work well with Beastie.

> 	* The logo should convey attributes of the FreeBSD operating
> 	  system such as high performance (i.e. fast), reliability,
> 	  etc.

We should take schematic drawing of McLaren F1, right?

> Submission deadline
> 	31 May 2005 23:59:59 (UTC)
> Participation
> 	The competition is open to all designers, both professional
> 	and non-professional.  Participation can only take place in a
> 	private personal capacity.
> Prize
> 	$500.00
> Submission format
> 	Each submission should include the following information and
> 	should be sent to <logo-contest at FreeBSD.org>:
> 	* High resolution print-ready scalable vector format such as
> 	  portable EPS, SVG or Adobe Illustrator AI.
> 	* JPEG or PNG thumbnail with a resolution of 640 x 480.
> 	* Design concept / description.
> 	* Submitter's full name, email address.
> Copyright assignment
> 	The FreeBSD Foundation will acquire ownership of the winning
> 	logo by assignment of copyright, and the winning designer will
> 	disclaim any trademarks and without limitation all other
> 	rights related to the design (paperwork will be required).
> 	By submitting a logo for entry in the competition, the
> 	designer acknowledges that he/she is the person that made the
> 	logo and is its rightful owner.
> 	The designer also certifies that the logo does not infringe
> 	upon the rights of any third party and that it does not
> 	violate any copyright.
> Compensation
> 	* Designs will not be returned to the designers.
> 	* No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are lost,
> 	  delayed or damaged.
> 	* Any submissions which does not satisfy the above "submission
> 	  format" will be ignored without any warning.
> Latest information
> 	http://logo-contest.FreeBSD.org/
> 	If you have a question about this competition, please drop us
> 	a note at the logo-contest at FreeBSD.org email address.  We will
> 	put questions and answers at the site above.

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