FreeBSD Documentary Shorts

Milo Hyson milo at
Mon Feb 21 23:46:39 GMT 2005

CyberLife Pictures would be willing to coordinate such an event.

Milo Hyson
Chief Scientist
CyberLife Pictures

bsdnooby wrote:

> In the age of videoblogs and "shorts" (10 minute films), maybe we 
> could have some type of advocacy competition.  Imagine if there was a 
> semi-annual (every 6 months) video competition, with the winner 
> getting maybe $500.  The video length could be 10 minutes.  The videos 
> would be released under the FreeBSD licsense, so that anyone could do 
> whatever they wanted with them.  Including sell them.  Some might be 
> historical, instructional, advocacy, or whatever.  Cool videos travel 
> fast on the web, it could help get the word out.
> thx

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