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Fri Feb 18 01:12:10 PST 2005

On Saturday 12 February 2005 05:16 pm, stheg olloydson wrote:
> it was cried into the wilderness of rancor by Dag-Erling Smørgrav on
> Fri Feb 11 09:30:50 2005:
> <snip>
> >Likewise, Beastie is a mascot, not a logo.  In fact, it fails the
> >primary and most important test of logoness: it is not exclusive to
> >the FreeBSD project, but is shared by all BSD projects.  It also fails
> >several other important tests of logoness: it is not under the FreeBSD
> >project's direct control (our use of it is subject to the whim and
> >mercy of Kirk McKusick); it is not a registered trademark; it is
> >probably too diluted already to even be eligible to be registered as a
> >trademark.
> <snip>

Something I was contemplating is that through out history there have been many 
"gatekeeper" systems that have been implemented to keep the masses at bay. 

In history they have usually been some type of icon/gargoyle that invoked fear 
in people. For those who could conquer fear, they could pass the gate. The 
people who passed the gate were of a higher level of consciousness. They were 
the ones not governed by fear, the people who were willing to take risks and 
experiment etc... These are some important qualities for *any* kind of 
development environment. When the time came, after the groups creation had 
been developed and was ready for the masses, the "gatekeeper" was removed or 
de-mystified and the masses could now have access to what they would have 
destroyed or broken due to lack of understanding or out of fear.

I see that beastie could be serveing this purpose. I also see that if FreeBSD, 
as an OS, is intending to be released to the mases then it would be wise to 
get rid of a mascot that, for the majority of the world, is associated with 
evil and/or dis-service.  The mascot will turn off a lot of people. It would 
just be one more reason *not* to use freebsd. 

It is the %1 who makes useful things for the %99, its also the %1 who is 
beyond tripping on what mascot is being used and passes the "gate"... its 
what is behind the mascot that is important to the %1. Don't let you personal 
taste for a particular decoration on the "cake" spoil the birthday party for 
the %99.

If, however, FreeBSD is: still in its infancy stage; is not intended for the 
masses; is not yet ready for the masses, then such a gatekeeper system would 
be wise to keep in place. It keeps the ignorant/fearful masses at bay. If the 
masses are allowed in too soon, they will trip on/over the small unfinished 

That the majority of people in the world do have some deep rooted fears 
surrounding "devils" goes with out saying. This may just be a *small* factor 
in the mass mind, but its a hang up, and easily overcome by choosing a 
different mascot *when* the time is right. 

If the goal of making FreeBSD a widely used OS or even the #1 OS, then it 
isn't a question of if the mascot should be changed, but when, and to what.

The motto is: "FreeBSD: The Power to Serve"
What mascot would fit the motto in the mass mind?
Seeing as how in most peoples minds "Devils" are a dis-service, it *is* a poor 
choice. It will be easier to change the mascot then to change the minds of 
the masses.

Prehaps a Butler, with a Tux and a Tray in hand, with the FreeBSD motto 
above/on the tray would be inline for a high quality Server OS. 


"When you run 2 battelships into each other, they both sink."

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