Assuming We Want FreeBSD to Grow: Who Is It For?

RacerX racerx at
Thu Feb 17 09:52:07 PST 2005

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> Thomas Leveille writes:
>> It's a really bad argument. Porsche sells SUVs : the Cayenne.
>> And it uses many components of a traditionnal Porsche 911.
> But it's not a Porsche 911, and Porsche does not promote 911s as SUVs.

BUT - It's a Porshce ... AND, its being promoted for what they are... A 
sports car (the 911) and the SUV.

>> FreeBSD can be viable for many tasks, there's no sense to dismiss one
>> of them.
> Not dimissing it, just putting it into is proper perspective.
>> Please stop launching those stupid trolls, that sure doesn't help
>> FreeBSD advocacy.
> Promoting FreeBSD in the wrong way for the wrong purposes does a lot
> more damage.  Someone who tries to use FreeBSD for a purpose for which
> it isn't suited, after hearing glowing endorsements by people who don't
> tell the whole story, may be soured on the OS entirely and may badmouth
> it for years.
> -- 
> Anthony

Stop with you wholuer then thou, self proclaimed idea that FBSD isn't a 
viable desktop... What YOU say is NOT gospel... It's YOUR opinion.

What you NEED to do is start arguing the point that it is only YOUR 
opinion and NOT a defined fact...

Best regards,

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