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Sander Vesik sander.vesik at
Thu Feb 17 03:51:33 PST 2005

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 13:26:38 -0800, Johnson David
<DavidJohnson at> wrote:
> From: Anthony Atkielski [mailto:atkielski.anthony at]
> >
> >> Improving workflow isn't about making stuff simple, it's about making
> stuff
> >> more efficient.
> >
> > What needs to be made more efficient with FreeBSD?  The installation
> > process seemed pretty user-friendly to me.
> This is about efficiency, not user friendliness. The Windows installer is
> pretty damned friendly, but it's still one of the most inefficient
> installers I've ever run across.
> There's a whole bunch of little stuff to fix in sysinstall. The navigation
> between sysinstall pages is not optimal. Aborting an install usually means a
> reboot, even if you haven't reached the "commit" stage. Many necessary tasks
> (network interface, root password) are stuck in the optional post-install
> stage. There are various inconsistancies here and there.

It would be particularily nice to have a Solaris flar archive style
capability for cloning setups.

> There's also the whole issue of managing installs on multiple machines.
> FreeBSD does not do this well. Remote, scripted, and unattended installs
> would be awesome. Something on the order of Solaris' JumpStart would be
> wonderful.

This too of course, prefrably with integration with the above ;-)

> David

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