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> Maybe the efforts that are going into a new logo, would be better
> placed writing the "real" stuff that goes into FreeBSD for businesses?
> TCO numbers, any legal, SCO-type issues, etc. As it stands now, when
> I'm pitching FreeBSD to a customer of mine, they ask for all of that
> fun stuff, and I end up writing bits and pieces of it. What's needed
> is not a new logo, its a renewed effort in really explaining "Why
> should we use FreeBSD?", imo.
> --- Harrison Grundy

Oh come on, that image is a good humorous take on the present debate -
ultimately people will draw what they want, not what they tell you to,
and trying otherwise will just get them to draw humorous images of
you. Peopel drawing about FeeBSD is a good thing.

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