SPAM: Score 3.7: Re: Instead of freebsd. com, why not...

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Wed Feb 16 22:16:21 PST 2005

Johnson David wrote:

>There's a whole bunch of little stuff to fix in sysinstall. The navigation
>between sysinstall pages is not optimal. Aborting an install usually means a
>reboot, even if you haven't reached the "commit" stage. Many necessary tasks
>(network interface, root password) are stuck in the optional post-install
>stage. There are various inconsistancies here and there.
I have to agree with you here. normally if you hit the wrong thing etc. 
A lot of times It's easier to reboot/restart the install then it is to 
step back and redo the part(s) you messed up.

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