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Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Wed Feb 16 13:26:36 PST 2005

From: Anthony Atkielski [mailto:atkielski.anthony at]
>> Improving workflow isn't about making stuff simple, it's about making
>> more efficient.
> What needs to be made more efficient with FreeBSD?  The installation
> process seemed pretty user-friendly to me.

This is about efficiency, not user friendliness. The Windows installer is
pretty damned friendly, but it's still one of the most inefficient
installers I've ever run across.

There's a whole bunch of little stuff to fix in sysinstall. The navigation
between sysinstall pages is not optimal. Aborting an install usually means a
reboot, even if you haven't reached the "commit" stage. Many necessary tasks
(network interface, root password) are stuck in the optional post-install
stage. There are various inconsistancies here and there.

There's also the whole issue of managing installs on multiple machines.
FreeBSD does not do this well. Remote, scripted, and unattended installs
would be awesome. Something on the order of Solaris' JumpStart would be


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