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Johnson David DavidJohnson at
Wed Feb 16 10:54:39 PST 2005

From: Anthony Atkielski [mailto:atkielski.anthony at]
> Server sysadmins don't need to smooth out installation and
> configuration, since they already know what they are doing.  Smoothing
> things out means taking a lot for granted and doing it behind the user's
> back, which may be acceptable for desktops, but is often dangerous for
> servers.

By "smoothing out the workflow", I did not mean to imply obscuring
complexity or eliminating functionality. This is the great mistake many
Linux distros making right now. They are mistaking confusing simplification
with usability. All simplification does is obscure complexity. It does not
eliminate it.

Improving workflow isn't about making stuff simple, it's about making stuff
more efficient.

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