Assuming We Want FreeBSD to Grow: Who Is It For?

RacerX racerx at
Wed Feb 16 09:27:14 PST 2005

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> RacerX writes:
>> Let's stop saying it's not a desktop OS ...
> Let's stop talking as if desktops are the alpha and omega of the
> computer world.  Servers are more important than desktops.
> -- 
> Anthony

Why is it you only want to consider FBSD as a server OS only? Let's take 
OpenBSD. Do you really think Theo cares if he targets one or the other? He 
just ensures that the OS is up to his standards. He does not care if users 
use it for a server or a desktop.

Why are you so hell-bent on dismissing FBSD as a desktop OS? Run that same 
argument to Bill and company about Windows as a server. Better yet, join a 
Windows list and start yacking about how Windows ought to drop out of the 
server base. See what that gets you.

I know why you wont - you'd never last in that list as long as you are 
lasting here.

One last time - FBSD IS a viable desktop OS - Stop the blanket personal 
view as gospel that it's not.

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