SPAM: Score 3.7: Re: Instead of freebsd. com, why not...

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Wed Feb 16 09:16:51 PST 2005

Nikolas Britton writes:

> Care to extrapolate on your comment?

I've already done so, several times.

> You'll need X just to install Oracle on your server.

Oracle?  I thought the big deal with software like FreeBSD was that it
is open source, and free.  And you want me to buy and install Oracle on
it?  Or has Oracle been released to the free open-source world?

What's wrong with something like MySQL?

> Typically I install X (and nothing else, like;
> WM, desktop, gtk, qt, fonts, etc.) and links on my servers. This is 
> because it's sometimes useful to do your googling (etc.) for why your 
> server isn't working right at the server and for 
> administering/installing web apps. text mode browsers just suck.

I like lynx.  Simple and fast and secure.  And Google works very well
with lynx.


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