Assuming We Want FreeBSD to Grow: Who Is It For?

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Tue Feb 15 23:49:49 PST 2005

Chris wrote:

> Joshua Tinnin wrote:
>> On Tuesday 15 February 2005 12:41 pm, Shawn Harrison 
>> <harrison at> wrote:
>>> So, we want lots of people to adopt FreeBSD. Who are they?
> To me? They are users that are:
> 1. Fed up with the MS upgrades
> 2. Fed up with paying too much for software (apps and OS)
> 3. Looking for a viable alternative to the MS empire
> 4. NOT your average Windows user.

5. Fed up with Linux.
6. Wanting to learn (more) about UNIX.
7. People that just want to be different.
8. Those that need/want more control over there computer or want to do 
things there own way.
9. Need more power then Windows / Microsoft has to offer.
10. Low end / old systems and embedded / industrial systems that need an OS.

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