Can FreeBSD Grow Large?

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Tue Feb 15 15:26:28 PST 2005

> From: Shawn Harrison <harrison at>
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> only those who are trusted hackers (committers) have any structural
> voice whatsoever in the community.

Presumably that includes some who hold commit privs mainly for the web site.  

It's tedious though, how much irrelevant hot air has been dumped
onto advocacy@ Re. logo preferences, considering we won't get to vote !
  - Apparently commiters will vote;  Presumably advocacy@ will not.
  - Commiters are on the commit list, & current@, 
    I guess just a low percentage of advocacy@ are committers.
  - Most commiters will probably ignore advocacy@ when they vote.
Deduction: people with logo preferences should contact commiters
who will vote, not this advocacy@ list that likely includes few voters.

Readers of advocacy@ have limited choices:
  - Face reality, realise logo preference on advocacy@ is hot air, Or ...
  - Do a load of send-pr's & be individually invited to be a commiter to
    src/ ports/ doc/ or www/ who can vote, Or ...
  - Agitate for votes for advocacy@ members (little chance I guess), Or ...
  - Wait for commiters (who will ignore advocacy@) to choose Their logo,
    then advocacy@ individuals can ignore or include logo on non controlled BSD advocacy sites & events that advocacy@
    readers organise.

Best skip the irrelevant logo debates where our views are Not wanted.
Best be more constructive, & discuss what we Can do: eg collecting
content for web sites to promote business adopting BSD etc.  Harvesting
facts such as (paraphrasing) ...

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