Public Image and Acceptance

Shawn Harrison harrison at
Tue Feb 15 12:00:15 PST 2005

cpghost at wrote [02/15/05 12:40 PM]:
> This is exactly the point here. By calling for a logo competition,
> the Project is mutating into a vendor. If that is really the idea,
> a lot of problems could ensue, e.g. for the Foundation's non-profit
> status etc...

I think you're overstating it. Calling for a logo competition can arise 
from a concern about image, whether or not that concern is motivated by 
profit concerns (as with a vendor) or by public perception and image 

Every non-profit needs to be concerned with public perception and image. 
I agree with those who have stated that there is really no conflict 
between concern for the quality of the OS and concern for the public 
image of the OS. As has been stated, those who will fulfill these 
concerns are often different people -- those who make graphic designs of 
the website are usually different than those who write kernel modules 

Shawn Harrison

P.S. I think the logo competition is the best thing to happen for 
FreeBSD advocacy in a long time, judging from the conversation that it 
generated. This list was dead for the whole four months that I had been 
subscribed to it.
harrison at

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