Getting university design students involved in the logo contest

Sam Lawrance boris at
Tue Feb 15 05:49:52 PST 2005


One of the things I see around my university occasionally are posters
for logo design competitions; usually stuck up around wherever the
design students hang out.

I think this is a valuable resource to draw on.  When the time comes, it
would be great if someone could put together:
 - A bit of a design brief aimed at people who have no idea what FreeBSD
   is.  Explain what it is, what is needed, the current situation, prize
   etc.  Stick this up on the web somewhere.
 - Some poster pages outlining the competition and pointing to the web
   for further information

I'd be happy to run these off and put them up around my uni. I'm sure
there are others willing to do the same.


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