Call for Whitepapers

Devon H. O'Dell dodell at
Mon Feb 14 11:02:57 PST 2005


As you might have found out from the ocean of posts on the recent
threads on this list, I recently advocated actually doing some work on a
``''-esque site: A site that targets the business- and
enterprise-class with information about our lovely OS.

While we're still in the planning phases of the site, we would like to
open the doors for relevant documents. We're looking for the following:

 * Case Studies - Documents discussing how FreeBSD plays a key role in
your company's projects.

 * Whitepapers - Documents discussing how you've used FreeBSD as a key
piece of product and outlining its implementation.

 * Marketing material - Have you published documents promoting FreeBSD
for any certain application? We'd like to see them.

 * Other relevant stuff - If it's not listed here, but it'd probably be
useful, just send it :). Can't do any harm.

By submitting this, you'll be granting us to publish it in its submitted
form, so please be sure this is acceptable for your company before you
submit. I don't want to cause any IP wars :)

Kind regards,

Devon H. O'Dell 
on behalf of the `` project''

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