Rework of theFreeBSDwebsite[was:FreeBSD'sVisualIdentity:Outdated?]

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Mon Feb 14 09:31:50 PST 2005

Erich Dollansky wrote:
> Hi,
> Astrodog wrote:
>> "Technical Merits First, Other Crap Second." Everyone, repeat that 50
>> times, like a mantra. We're losing sight of that, at least short term,
>> and it's somewhat frightening.
> It really is.

Im unable to do even the slightest bit of difference in the first 
part (Technical Merits) simply due to the fact that I lack the 
needed skills. Therefor, the second part (Other Crap) gets 
promoted on my to-do list and becomes *my* highest priority.
This does *not* mean that the projects priorities change, nor 
that they in any way should.
Just because a small part of the community feels that they cant 
contribute in other areas then marketing and advocacy and 
therefor prioritize that, it does not mean that the project as a 
whole is losing focus.
FreeBSD is a project that goes across cultural and geographical 
borders, and it has thousands of contributors world wide. The 
fact that not all of them contribute in the form of code does not 
make FreeBSD less of a technically oriented project. Programmers 
and technical decisions should always be what dictates the future 
of FreeBSD, but that does not mean that all other areas has to be 
alienated. Please realize that.


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