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Sun Feb 13 18:16:47 PST 2005

From: stheg olloydson [mailto:stheg_olloydson at]
> Well, well, well! Hit too close to home did I?  I said that those
> complaining about the beastie belong to an irrational minority that
> wish to impose their religion on others. In what way is this statement
> bigotry or anti-Christian or anti-American?

The phrases you used were: "America's Taliban", "force their religious
orthodoxy", "eliminate the barrier between state and church",  "make the
United States into a theocratic country", and "an irrational minority".

These statements are false mischaracterizations designed to promulgate a
stereotype. Similar statements about race, gender or ethnicity are bigotry,
so using them to stereotype a creed is no different. In many cases there
will be those who do indeed fit the stereotype. There are some Jews who have
large noses and are miserly. There are some blacks who talk in rhyme and eat
watermelon. There are some homosexuals who talk with a lisp and weak wrists.
So yes, there are some "Christians" who probably do want a theocracy and an
elimination of the disestablishment clause. But those people are in the very
small insignificant minority.

I did not take offense because you merely mentioned that these people exist.
I took offense because you have magnified these people far beyond their
petty importance. Your post was NOT about the logo contest, but the
continuation of an errnoneous and politically loaded stereotype.

David Johnson

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