An observation

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Sun Feb 13 15:14:49 PST 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:

>Chris writes:
>>Ahh - so the mentality behind it is simply this;
>>You get tired of doing the right thing, so you do the wrong thing and 
>>force everyone else that follows the rules, do all the cutting.
>No.  The behavior this produces is the correct behavior for a mailing
>Normally, someone posts a first message to a mailing list, and then
>people who reply to that message send replies that are also routed to
>the list, so that all on the list can share the contents of the replies
>(that is, after all, why it's a list).  If someone asks a question, for
>example, it makes little sense for all replies to the question to go
>privately to the person asking it, since many other people may have the
>same question.  Logically all replies are sent to the list, so that
>everyone can see them.
yea thats fine but your mail keeps adding freebsd-questions to 
everything you reply to. This is not the questions mailing list so it 
should not be adding it. You need to fix it, I'm getting tried of 
removing the address manually.

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