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Chris racerx at
Sun Feb 13 14:55:04 PST 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Chris writes:
>>Ahh - so the mentality behind it is simply this;
>>You get tired of doing the right thing, so you do the wrong thing and 
>>force everyone else that follows the rules, do all the cutting.
> No.  The behavior this produces is the correct behavior for a mailing
> list.
> Normally, someone posts a first message to a mailing list, and then
> people who reply to that message send replies that are also routed to
> the list, so that all on the list can share the contents of the replies
> (that is, after all, why it's a list).  If someone asks a question, for
> example, it makes little sense for all replies to the question to go
> privately to the person asking it, since many other people may have the
> same question.  Logically all replies are sent to the list, so that
> everyone can see them.
> The fact that virtually everyone on these lists is doing exactly this
> demonstrates that it is indeed "correct" for these lists.  However, many
> of them are doing it with "reply all" or by manually changing the
> destination address of their replies, which is labor-intensive and
> generates an extra, useless copy of the reply in the case of "reply
> all."  I've simply automated a solution to this in my own e-mail
> configuration so that I don't have to alter every single message in
> order to route it correctly.
> I hope this clarifies things.
>>Yes - I am guilty as charged (this time) however, you continually do it.
>>There IS a difference.
> The biggest difference is that you spend most of your bandwidth
> attacking me, instead of discussing the nominal topics of the threads
> here.  You'll notice that I do not reciprocate, nor do I complain.

I will allow you to have the last word. Only because others have posted 
the errors of your ways - Even a post as to where the charters are.

Best regards,

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