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Chris racerx at
Sun Feb 13 13:28:58 PST 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Dag-Erling Smørgrav writes:
>>Here's how FreeBSD works: we, the committers, write and maintain an
>>operating system.  In our magnanimity, we allow you, the users, to use
>>and modify it to your heart's content, and we even try to help you
>>when you get stuck.  Once in a while, we get to like one of you so
>>much we make him or her one of us.  The only decision left to you, the
>>users, is whether or not to use our OS.
> I don't think you're making any friends among UNIX veterans.

Anthony - this is directly to you. Will you STOP posting 
arguments/points of view to FreeBSD-Questions? I'm sure you as a Windows 
User, have the ability to remove certain lists from the Reply to all.

Or - are you just ignorant to the fact that there is a way of doing this?

Best regards,

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means the price went way way up.

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