The only worthwhile logo-related comments so far....

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Sun Feb 13 08:19:59 PST 2005

Chris wrote:
> Anthony Atkielski wrote:
>> Corporations want someone they can point to and someone they can call
>> for full accountability.  They don't like democratically elected groups,
>> which they consider slightly communist, ironically.  They don't feel
>> comfortable with companies that can support a product but do not control
>> it, particularly if nobody else clearly controls it, either.
> ... Yes, and you seem to know just what EVERY company wants. Isn't it 
> odd that someone of your self-proclaimed knowledge of how ALL companies 
> run, and what ALL companies want - has the time to post to lists?

Its not exactly a big secret what companies want. I know what 
they want, most of the people I work with knows what they want, 
the whole idea of the company I work for is to try and provide 
atleast a part of what some companies want. They want something 
that works, and when it doesnt work, they want to know who to 
blame. Big players like IBM is willing to take on the roll as the 
one to blame, in exchange for compensation of course, and that is 
what FreeBSD needs. A big company that is willing to take the 
blame if something fails. But as long as we look like a hobby 
project no big company will ever be interested in taking on that 
role for us.

Like it or not, but being professional is not enough, you have to 
look professional too.


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