The only worthwhile logo-related comments so far....

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Sun Feb 13 00:18:16 PST 2005

Nikolas Britton writes:

> This part makes no sense. Core is not (and will never be) for end user
> support. This is like saying the executive officers of a company should
> man the help desk phones. It is your job to provide support for your end
> users or clients, the computer industry is now a service based industry.

That sounds even scarier to corporate management; best not to phrase it
that way.

Corporations want someone they can point to and someone they can call
for full accountability.  They don't like democratically elected groups,
which they consider slightly communist, ironically.  They don't feel
comfortable with companies that can support a product but do not control
it, particularly if nobody else clearly controls it, either.

> You have to sell them on yourself and the services you have to offer,
> FreeBSD is just a tool in your bag of tricks.

You'd have to be quite a superstar to sell FreeBSD for a 10,000-seat
rollout based on yourself and your services alone.  You'd have to be
immortal and immune to illness, too.  Corporations don't want to hear
that it all depends on just you.


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