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> On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 04:16:21PM -0800, stheg olloydson wrote:
> > P.S. My agreement with Mr. Sm?rgrav's argument should not be
> construed
> > as agreeing with what many (me included) perceive as the sneaky way
> > this issue has been handled. Based on the comments from the few
> > commiters that made comments on this topic, a discussion took place
> > among the commiters who then unilaterally made the decision.
> Sorry, but that's how the FreeBSD project works and always has
> worked.
> The FreeBSD Core team has always decided policy for the FreeBSD
> project, and they can handle it any way they like, including making
> unilateral decisions with consulting with the FreeBSD user base.  For
> better or worse, FreeBSD is not a democracy of users - if you thought
> otherwise then you were just mistaken.
> Kris


Core being Core will do what they think is best, and they have every
right to. That's not my point. My point is the discussion took place in
secret. What I am suggesting is that when certain discussions take
place that they be publicly readable. The US and UK (other countries
too, I'm sure) have television cameras in their legislative chambers so
those who are interested can hear pro and con arguments on some issues
by those making the decisions. The legislators certainly don't take
calls from the viewers - although sometimes I wish they would ;).
Obviously, mundane discussions about "network performance should be
optimized first - no disk i/o should be first" don't need to be public;
but those about Project policy ought to be. You could even obscure who
is making which argument if you want to protect those taking unpopular
positions. After all, there already is a (utterly empty) policy@ list.
As you say, FBSD isn't a "democracy of users" (thankfully), and doing
this won't change that. It will, however, allow users to mull over the
different arguments among themselves (hopefully on something like
opinions@ and not a useful list such as questions@). 

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