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Astrodog astrodog at
Sat Feb 12 13:58:41 PST 2005

Looks like there's a healthy-sized group that wants to work on this,
so I suppose now its time to do the actual "work" part, as opposed to
discussing what we should do endlessly. I agree with the notion of
splitting the site, or having a section for businesses. Lets face it,
they don't give a damn about 99% of the stuff on the site now, and
those of us who use FreeBSD daily, like the current site as a
technical resource. A facelift would be nice, but so it goes.

Anyone who's interested in writing content, or even providing
technical information that we can turn into.... marketingese, lets get
started on it. Wherever the site goes, the content still needs to be

--- Harrison Grundy

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