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>>> However, everytime I've tried to suggest even the slightest change 
>>> to, people has started to kick and scream and preach 
>>> about the end of the OS as we know it.
>> I have never kicked and screamed about changes to the website layout
>> or such, as long as we don't get rid of the recognizable logos on it.
> As far as Im concerned, there are no logos on the website. There is a 
> mascot, but no logo. This, it seems, is a matter of opinion.
>> What I and others have always said when someone like you comes along
>> is that you should go for it.  Put up a prototype website, it's a
>> free country.  Let us look at it.  If it's better then the doc people
>> will welcome your efforts on it.
> 'Better' would be a matter of opinion. It would also depend on how you 
> define a good website. For technical people looking for documentation, 
> the current website is very good. For marketing purposes, it sucks.
> Eventough it is possible to combine the two, I advocate the separated 
> .org/.com solution, simply because the target audiences have very 
> different needs. You, clearly belonging in the technical category, 
> refuses to complement Beastie with a more proffesional logo, something 
> I think is necessary to satisfy the second category. Hence, a separate 
> site for marketing people seems to be a necessity.

Don't you think this Beastie qualifies as a professional logo?

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