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Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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>>everytime I've tried to suggest even the slightest change to 
>>, people has started to kick and scream and preach about 
>>the end of the OS as we know it.
> I have never kicked and screamed about changes to the website layout
> or such, as long as we don't get rid of the recognizable logos on it.

As far as Im concerned, there are no logos on the website. There is a 
mascot, but no logo. This, it seems, is a matter of opinion.

> What I and others have always said when someone like you comes along
> is that you should go for it.  Put up a prototype website, it's a
> free country.  Let us look at it.  If it's better then the doc people
> will welcome your efforts on it.

'Better' would be a matter of opinion. It would also depend on how you 
define a good website. For technical people looking for documentation, 
the current website is very good. For marketing purposes, it sucks.
Eventough it is possible to combine the two, I advocate the separated 
.org/.com solution, simply because the target audiences have very 
different needs. You, clearly belonging in the technical category, 
refuses to complement Beastie with a more proffesional logo, something 
I think is necessary to satisfy the second category. Hence, a separate 
site for marketing people seems to be a necessity.

> Generally when we say this people like you complaining
> about the website disappear when they realize they are going to
> have to put their labor where their mouths are.

If someone points out that something needs improvements, but they are 
unable to improve it themselves, does this mean that the need for 
improvement does not exist?
Im not a website designer nor a marketing droid, but Im still able to 
see that FreeBSD could need improvement in these areas. If I could 
contribute, I would, but I fear that anything I could design would not 
even beat what we have today. This does not mean that the current 
website is unbeatable, it just means that I suck at webdesigning.
If I could contribute in other ways, I would. Im more then willing to 
contribute financially and technically, its just that money and 
technical skills alone will not make a website.

> So bye bye.
> Ted



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