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Sat Feb 12 09:03:42 PST 2005

On Feb 12, 2005, at 4:59 PM, Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg wrote:

> So far, I have not seen one single valid argument against a 
> website or a new logo, so I side with the people that 
> wants some changes to happen in this one.

Well, if you put it that bluntly, let me disagree with you :-)

If you look at the current website, you see a logo on top, 
a navigation bar on the left, news on the right and a large area in the 
middle that is reserved exclusively for advocacy content. There is 
nothing wrong with that concept and it can serve well as the main web 
page for both those that serve on a board of directors and those that 
are bored of directors.

Yes, the design needs a face lift. That can be done without 
compromising usability.

Yes, the navigation could be streamlined and should list sections such 
as white papers, success stories and solution guides. That stuff just 
needs to be produced! Without that it exists you can't link to it from 
the front page.

Yes, the news should be more frequent and comprehensive. You can't 
report what isn't happening. More should be written about FreeBSD and 
links to new articles should be collected and updated daily.

Yes, the advocacy content should be much more exciting and 
professional. There is a large need for lots of high quality advocacy 
content including white papers, statistics, market research, graphics, 
success stories, business cases, etc. All that "just" needs to be 

None of the above will get accomplished by splitting the site in two. 
All of the above needs to be done either way. Changing the design of is easy. The hard work is creating all the 
content that needs to go behind it.

Cheers, Chris

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