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Chris Conn cmc3list-bsd at
Sat Feb 12 08:55:27 PST 2005

Anthony Atkielski wrote:

> I agree.  Build on strengths, not weaknesses.  The Linux community is
> making the mistake of promoting Linux in exactly the domain where it is
> most likely to be a permanent failure.  FreeBSD should not make that
> same mistake.

In the world I work in (AIX Technical Support) we use Windows
as a desktop and most of our customers do too, of course our
AIX boxes are the servers. We all connect with some kind of
PC emulator, usually Exceed and lately VNC is gaining popularity.
CDE is the official desktop for AIX but it's old. They're
adding support for GNOME and KDE, not sure how popular they
will be.

At home I have a Slackware Linux box and a FreeBSD box and
run Window Maker as a desktop on both of them and they work
great (these are hobby and educational boxes for me) and
the only time I wish I could have some of the benefits of
Windows is when I want to watch Apple Movie Trailers, can
only watch them on Windows. Otherwise FreeBSD does everything
I want a desktop to do (same with Slackware). I use FreeBSD
more often because it's my standalone box and it's faster.

I do agree that Linux is competing in the wrong area, why
try to compete in the desktop area when the strength of
Unix (and Linux) is in the server area? But hey that's the
direction they've chosen, more cool utilities for us :-).

Chris Conn
Austin, Texas, USA

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