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Alin-Adrian Anton aanton at
Fri Feb 11 13:48:37 PST 2005

Chris Zumbrunn wrote:
> On Feb 11, 2005, at 6:07 PM, Rakhesh Sasidharan wrote:
>> Nice. Pleasant colors, simple layout. :))
>> Just one point that struck me though -- the way the words "FreeBSD" 
>> are written on the top-left corner. "Free" and "BSD" separated like 
>> that. Dunno, gave me the feeling that a first-timer could get the 
>> impression this is about a BSD that is Free (money-wise). Just my 2cents.
> This really is a drawback of the FreeBSD name - however you write it.  
> You are just used to seeing FreeBSD so much that you do not notice it 
> anymore. When somebody new to FreeBSD first reads "FreeBSD" for the 
> first time, they have the exact same experience that you just had when 
> you saw this new logo for the first time.
> I thought about this when I was designing it, too - and I'm convinced 
> that the way FREE and BSD are both emphasized in different ways by this 
> design is a good thing. Both interpretations of FREE are true, of 
> course, so both are allowed. And BSD is also emphasized in an equal way, 
> which communicates clearer that this is not Linux - that the roots and 
> the philosophy of this project are based on BSD UNIX and the BSD license.
> Chris


	Just some pseudo-random thoughts:

	When I looked at the "new logo" i first noticed FREE, then I noticed 
BSD. I asked myself where are the missing bars imprisoning the Berkley 
Software Daemon?
	FreeBSD is famous for it's jail mechanism.
	Unleash the Daemon :)

	Just a bit of humour, perhaps crap. Maybe it rings a bell to someone, 
if not, please forgive and ignore. :)

	The website looks pro.

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