New FreeBSD logo and website design

Rakhesh Sasidharan rax at
Fri Feb 11 09:05:54 PST 2005

Chris Zumbrunn wrote:
> Based on the current discussions regarding a new freebsd logo and 
> continuing in the spirit of the mockups for a website redesign produced 
> during January, I created a mockup of a design that would go further 
> than the previous more conservative modifications and which includes a 
> new logo.
> Cheers, Chris

Nice. Pleasant colors, simple layout. :))

Just one point that struck me though -- the way the words "FreeBSD" are 
written on the top-left corner. "Free" and "BSD" separated like that. 
Dunno, gave me the feeling that a first-timer could get the impression 
this is about a BSD that is Free (money-wise). Just my 2cents.

				 rax -at- rakhesh -dot- com

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