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Fri Feb 11 06:05:17 PST 2005

On 2005-02-11T12:41:30+0000, Robert Watson wrote:

> An idea that's been thrown around by a number of people at various points
> is to produce a set of short, professional-looking, white papers on
> FreeBSD use in various environments -- FreeBSD in the computation cluster,
> FreeBSD as an enterprise mail solution, FreeBSD for web clusters, FreeBSD
> as the foundation for an appliance, and so on.  Something that an IT
> department can take to their director/etc saying "This is a recognized
> solution -- it works for these people, it will work for us".

Don't forget the "BSD Success Stories" that Dru shared a while back.  I
am sharing them also.

NOTE: I host this off of a cable modem, so please be gentle ;)

(flyer - single page - 974862 bytes)

(booklet - 26 pages - 465406 bytes)

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