Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at
Thu Feb 10 23:05:11 PST 2005

Shawn Harrison writes:

> An interface to FreeBSD that says, "Professional solutions for
> enterprise IT management and infrastructure" rather than "Cool 
> open-source software project." You know, links like "Products, 
> Solutions, Partners" rather than "Bugs, Download, Community."

Agreed.  To address different markets you need different messages.

> A counter example might be "". Big headline today: "GNOME
> Photo Printer: A nifty little app" To me, it screams, "Geek site." I
> think the point is to create something that people who don't
> necessarily like nifty apps and neat features would be persuaded by.

Yes.  Perhaps a site that is essentially pure marketing and promotion,
to help persuade non-geek managers who have to make OS decisions.  I
personally think that non-specialists shouldn't be making OS decisions,
but in the real world they often are, and they tend to believe whatever
they read in their favorite magazine or on their favorite Web site,
irrespective of technical realities.  That's how Linux got so popular,
even though better UNIX operating systems existed already.

> That's just my take on it. Hope I'm not stepping on any toes -- I
> think is a great idea.


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