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> > Now as to the "need" to change the logo, to quote the announcement,
> > "This character sometimes treated with misinterpreted in the
> > religious and cultural context." Over the years, the only
> complaints I
> > have ever heard have come from America's Taliban. Leaving aside the
> > question of whether or not the complainers are in a position to
> make
> > any sort of IT decision, one must ask what is their motivation for
> > complaining. They are simply trying to force their religious
> orthodoxy
> > on others. These are the same people trying to eliminate the
> barrier
> > between state and church to make the United States into a
> theocratic
> > country. Therefore, these complaints can be categorized as coming
> from
> > an irrational minority that should be ignored.
> Please keep your personal politics and cultural bigotry off of these
> lists.
> There is no "America's Taliban", and the use of the term is used
> solely to
> incite emotions. Thinking that just because people share you views on
> operating systems they must also share you views on religion and
> foreign
> policy is sheer hubris.
> I realize that geeks and hackers tend to be irreligious, and Open
> Source a
> collection of global communities, but not until today have I seen
> such
> anti-Christian and anti-America bigotry in the FreeBSD community. Is
> this to
> be the new standard of discourse? If so, tell me now so I can avoid
> the rush
> in switching to another BSD.
> As a Christian I am not in the least offended by Beastie. But I am
> getting
> quite offended by people stereotyping my religion, nation and
> culture.
> David Johnson

Well, well, well! Hit too close to home did I?  I said that those
complaining about the beastie belong to an irrational minority that
wish to impose their religion on others. In what way is this statement
bigotry or anti-Christian or anti-American?
You, however, make a very revealing statement when you say, "But I am
getting quite offended by people stereotyping my religion, nation and
culture." The operative word here is "my". Why do you think that I am
not a Christian American produced by the same culture as you? Is it
because I have a name not typically associated with being an American?
I think your assumption proves my "xenophobia" remark, at least in
regards to you, don't you?

Best regards,

Stheg Olloydson

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