Logo Contest

Scott I. Remick scott at sremick.net
Thu Feb 10 10:25:51 PST 2005

--- "Andrew L. Gould" <algould at datawok.com> wrote:

> __Anyone__ who can make a logo so good that it resolves this issue 
> deserves a place in FreeBSD history.

Heh... it won't get resolved. There'll be a contest, there'll be a winner,
there'll be a logo. But it won't get resolved.

My prediction: there'll be 5 candidates. The winner will get 25% of the
vote. The other 4 won't get more than that so the one with only 25% of the
vote will become the winner, making only 25% of those who VOTED happy.
Meanwhile, a large vocal group of non-voters will also be unhappy because
they didn't like the logo, or the principle of the idea.

I would love to be wrong though. :)

I'm as attached to "Beastie" as the next guy, and it's hard for me to think
of any "logo" or icon for FreeBSD other than him. However, I fully
understand, appreciate, and agree with all the justifications for the need
for a second "logo" in addition to "mascot". They're all true.

Basically, we cannot both simultaneously be trying to win over businesses
while at the same time ignoring the things that are important to businesses
(such as image and marketability). There are reasons "Beastie" doesn't fit
this, some technical, some not so.

I've doodled a bit with stylized horns, pitchfork, and tail, but have not
come up with anything remotely submitable. I had some ideas but could not
get them even close to being something I was happy with.

Anyhow, on a side note: I still think the www.freebsd.COM site is an
excellent idea. Hopefully some people with the time and skills can pull it
off. That is not me, but they get my vote and gratitude. 

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