Logo Contest

Dave Wood freebsd at activeeffects.com
Thu Feb 10 09:45:17 PST 2005

> Someone with artistic skill needs to make some stylized horns.

That's a good idea.  There are lots of ways to keep the spirit that exists 
while improving the image in the corporate world.

Let me raise my hand in support of a new logo, while keeping Beastie as a 

I believe that the more people that use FreeBSD, the better it will 
become.  More users = more support from hardware manufactures = easier 
installations = more users.  And the first step is to present an image 
that corporations have no problem being connected with.

I know that I always have a problem convincing PHB's to take the plunge 
and risk using FreeBSD over a Redmond OS.  Everytime I say that FreeBSD 
will be better and cheaper, they roll their eyes.  While Beastie doesn't 
hurt in this case, it doesn't help.  If a new logo is created, that is 
then used more often (ie hardware makers putting it in the list of 
supported OS's), then it becomes easier to sell the OS to the PHB's who 
listen to hype over performance.  It's a known fact that people judge 
books by the cover, despite the fact that everyone knows it's really 
what's inside that counts.

Once the contest is offically launched, how do people feel about inviting 
a bunch of professional logo design companies to participate.  The $500 
prize won't convince them to partake, but the vast exposure almost 
certainly will.

Dave Wood

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