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Warren Smith warren at wandrsmith.net
Thu Feb 10 07:38:53 PST 2005

Andrew L. Gould said:
> Do you object to FreeBSD having a logo that portrays the fact that it's
> a professional grade operating system?  Beastie is staying; but Beastie
> only portrays one side of FreeBSD.  The professional side of FreeBSD
> deserves attention and expression.
I agree 100%.  The project needs to recognize the importance of portraying
itself not only as group of people with a passion for BSD style
development, but also as a group of professionals that recognize the
realities of business, including the importance of "image" and perception.
 If we want FreeBSD to be seriously considered for those tasks that we
know it excels at by those we wish would use it, then we must at least
consider the image of the project from their perspective.

> I don't see a new logo as bowing to Political Correctness as much as
> improving communication.  Images project messages; and frequently
> Beastie (inadvertently) sends the wrong message.  Once I explain the
> history behind Beastie, everyone whom I've talked to has been okay with
> it.  The problem is that I often have to resolve the Beastie issue
> before the listener is ready to hear about computer security,
> reliability, etc.
I have experienced this exact situation, with the exact same results.  My
fear is that, without a knowlegeable person handy to explain Beastie, some
potential users of FreeBSD may have passed over it for something that,
while technically inferior, gave a better first impression to the

> Also, please keep in mind, it's not always about whether we get new
> users.  FreeBSD's image may affect whether a business chooses to
> associate itself with FreeBSD by creating FreeBSD drivers for its
> products or supporting FreeBSD development.  Business is people; and
> people are not perfectly rational.  PR issues influence business
> decisions now more than ever.
Again, Andrew has captured my feelings exactly.  I had initially elected
to stay out of this thread because it appeared that I was in the minority
and I did not want to inflame the situation even more.  Though I still may
be in a minority, at least I know I have a "kindred spirit" out there.

Thanks Andrew.

Warren Smith
warren at wandrsmith.net

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