FreeBSD 5.3 MySQL Performance

Freddie Cash fcash-ml at
Thu Feb 10 04:50:18 PST 2005

> We've got a customer that is considering a network expansion while
> moving from Linux to FreeBSD.

> They are big users of MySQL and have been running it on Linux.

> Most of the information that I've found is a bit old, but I guess my
> question is if LinuxThreads should still be used or if MySQL works
> well under FreeBSD using native threads.

> The customer has looked at Jeremy's blog article on this issue, but
> this is pretty old:

> Also, does anybody have any FreeBSD 5.3/MySQL benchmarks? I searched
> the mailing lists but didn't turn up anything.

Check the archives for the -current mailing list for November or
December.  Scott Long posted some tests he did with MySQL on FreeBSD
5.3 with LinuxThreads, libthr, libpthread (libkse), and libc_r.  Quite
interesting read.

There's also been some posts to NewsForge comparing MySQL performance
on FreeBSD 4.11 and 5.3, with Gentoo Linux (2.4 and 2.6 kernels),
OpenBSD 3.6, and NetBSD 2.0.  It's a two part series that covers what
he tested, how he tested, and the test results.

And there have been some other posts to either -current or -stable in
the past couple weeks with other MySQL comparisons.

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