Logo Contest

Anthony Atkielski atkielski.anthony at wanadoo.fr
Thu Feb 10 01:20:39 PST 2005

Joshua Tinnin writes:

> Would it have been easier if you had tried to get permission to use
> NetBSD instead?

Look at the front page of www.netbsd.org.  They have a nice, clean logo.

I don't think that a logo makes or breaks deals, but from a public
relations and marketing standpoint a good logo is extremely useful, and
the lack of a logo (or a very busy logo that's hard to use and
recognize) can be a liability.

FreeBSD currently doesn't have a logo.  The mascot is cute, but cute
isn't a good idea when selling to the corporate world, which tends to
choose tools based on their suitability to a purpose rather than on the
personal attractiveness of the mascot.

There's no harm in keeping the mascot, but you can't really use a mascot
where a logo is needed.


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