Logo contest, and lessons from the XFree86 debacle

Farid Hajji farid.hajji at ob.kamp.net
Wed Feb 9 16:47:29 PST 2005

What's wrong with Beastie being the logo as well as the mascot?
It's been BSD's most prominent brand since the very beginning.
Changing this now is absolutely insane from a PR's POV.

This logo contest idea should never have popped up in the first
place. BSD and FreeBSD have never caved in to popularity issues
but choose to stick to technical excellence. *This* has been
truly professional. Sadly, that new-fangled pseudo-marketroid
speak is a bad omen for the future of FreeBSD.

Remember what happened with the XFree86 project as they choose
to change their license terms without community support? Now
we have X.org and most relevant developers moved there, just
because XFree86's Mgmt failed to address the community's
concerns appropriately.

Please don't make the same mistake with FreeBSD. There's a
lot to lose at stake.


-Farid Hajji. (pushing FreeBSD in the corporate world since
version 2.0).

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