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Mark Ovens marko at
Wed Feb 9 14:23:26 PST 2005

Johnson David wrote:
>> From: Mark Ovens [mailto:marko at]
>> Ricardo Alves dos Reis wrote:
>> > Unfortunately, the cute FreeBSD daemon is sometimes treated with 
>> > misunderstanding in the religious and cultural context. That's why The 
>> > FreeBSD Project is announcing a public competition for the new logo 
>> > design. You can find the rules of the competition in this document.
>> > 
>> > ??????
>> > 
>> <sigh> So, the FreeBSD Project is giving in to the narrow-minded, 
>> puritanical, moral minority who, despite their preachings are not very 
>> well-informed as they don't know the difference between 'demon' and 
>> 'daemon'. Is this a sign (or a victim perhaps?) of the "growing 
>> conservatism sweeping Bush's America"?
> As a Christian and somewhat quasi-conservative, I must protest the
> promulgation of this falsehood. Problem is not the "religious right", but
> rather the erroneous perception of the religious right. There is no problem
> with the daemon mascot. Nobody is out there refusing to consider BSD because
> of its mascot The only time I have seen this issue brought up has been on
> Slashdot, by a Linux advocate, or by someone who heard second hand from one
> of the former.
> Nobody's complaining about the Arizona Sun Devils. No one's complaining
> aobut Underwood Deviled Ham. And no one's complaining about the BSD daemon.
> I'm a Christian and I don't have a problem with him. My Christian relatives
> and friends don't have a problem with him. Including those that are rural
> "hicks" from red states.
> Yes, I'm sure you can scrounge up a couple of old anecotes of people who
> were offended or disturbed by Beastie. But I can counter each with ten of my

Just search through the FreeBSD mail archives for numerous posts along 
the lines of "why do you have the Devil as your mascot" - I'd bet it 
runs into hundreds.

My comments referred to a *small minority* of people, mainly Christian I 
guess, who've expressed concern/disgust/disapproval of it but isn't that 
always the way with everything, a small minority?

Apologies if I've offended you, or anyone else, that wasn't the intent. 
FWIW, I'm Christian too and I don't have a problem with Beastie either.


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