The FreeBSD Project is announcing a public competition for the new logo design. ????

Mark Ovens marko at
Wed Feb 9 11:55:40 PST 2005

Joshua Tinnin wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 February 2005 10:38 am, Mark Ovens <marko at> 
> wrote:
>> I see that NetBSD and OpenBSD have already dropped Beastie - the
>> latter adopting a butt-ugly fish (the style of which implies bloated
>> fatware to me).
> Oh, I hardly see it that way. Do you think OpenBSD is "bloated fatware?" 

No, just my interpretation of what the logo _could_ be seen to represent.

> I think anyone who understands security enough to be interested in 
> OpenBSD knows why Puffy is a blowfish.

Ah, so that's what it is. Never was much good at ichthyology ;-)

Still looks butt-ugly though.


>> Beastie has been the BSD symbol for nearly 17 years (based on Kirk's
>> copyright date of 1988) and, as far as I'm concerned it always will
>> be.
> I agree with most of what you said, but, hey, no need to slag on Puffy. 
> I think he distinguishes OpenBSD and emphasizes its primary strength.
> - jt

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