The FreeBSD Project is announcing a public competition for the new logo design. ????

Mark Ovens marko at
Wed Feb 9 10:40:01 PST 2005

Ricardo Alves dos Reis wrote:
> Unfortunately, the cute FreeBSD daemon is sometimes treated with 
> misunderstanding in the religious and cultural context. That's why The 
> FreeBSD Project is announcing a public competition for the new logo 
> design. You can find the rules of the competition in this document.
> ??????

<sigh> So, the FreeBSD Project is giving in to the narrow-minded, 
puritanical, moral minority who, despite their preachings are not very 
well-informed as they don't know the difference between 'demon' and 
'daemon'. Is this a sign (or a victim perhaps?) of the "growing 
conservatism sweeping Bush's America"?

The Mozilla project had/has to put up with similar crap about it's logo 
because numpties think that the red star represents Communism.

Oh, and since we're being all Politically Correct....

	* The logo must not exploit or offend a person's sex, race,
	  religion, morality, culture , nor be salacious or

we should drop 'BSD' from the name because, over the years, plenty of 
people have assumed that *BSD is some form of kinky sex outfit - same 
problem, they don't know the difference between BSD and BDSM.

I see that NetBSD and OpenBSD have already dropped Beastie - the latter 
adopting a butt-ugly fish (the style of which implies bloated fatware to 

Beastie has been the BSD symbol for nearly 17 years (based on Kirk's 
copyright date of 1988) and, as far as I'm concerned it always will be.

Just my €0.02 of course.


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