where'd the gallery page go?

Liontaur liontaur at dslr.net
Mon Dec 5 16:44:39 GMT 2005

Nathan Vidican wrote:

> Admittedly been a while since I've looked, but have often used the 
> 'Gallery' page to find vendors/companies hosting/supporting services 
> or products with FreeBSD. After search the FreeBSD website to no 
> avail, I thought I'd pose the question to the mailing list(s)... have 
> they done away with the gallery of people using FreeBSD page? The one 
> that used to link commercial/non-commercial organizations that use 
> FreeBSD together? If it is gone, is there an archive perhaps kicking 
> around somewhere, that page was of great use finding vendors who 
>  support FreeBSD.

Like this? http://www.freebsd.org/commercial/


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