needs quotes/comments about new 5.4 features

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Thu Apr 21 13:28:21 PDT 2005


I am working on a press release regarding the upcoming 5.4 release. This
is not targeted to the FreeBSD community and is not the regular release

This is a news release and will not be long enough to cover all the new
features, fixes and improvements in 5.4. The PR will be more interesting
if it has some anecdotes and comments direct from FreeBSD users and
developers instead of me just writing up what I think is most significant.

I need some quotes or comments about new features or changes in 5.4.

What new hardware support, new features or improvements in 5.4 are
important to you or your company?

And why?

to see the list of main changes.)

Anything else in particular that is significant to you about the 5.4

Please email me off-list. I have set the reply-to to my address.

Thanks a lot for your time,

 Jeremy C. Reed

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