FreeBSD class in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in May

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Mon Apr 18 19:59:12 PDT 2005

As I mentioned six months ago, an important part of FreeBSD advocacy is
providing training whether it is free or paid.

I also asked if anyone knows of any universities or colleges that teach
FreeBSD admin or development skills or if there are any non-cost, free,
FreeBSD classes. Do you know of any?

Puget Sound Technology is teaching another FreeBSD system administration
course in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The hands-on class will cover the
fundamental skills needed for FreeBSD system administration. It will be
held May 17-20.

The class covers standard Unix administration skills, such as cron, inetd,
syslogging, basic networking and user and group administration. Students
will also learn the basics of DNS, SMTP, and Postfix and will setup their
own DNS zones and Apache-based virtual websites.

Other topics include FreeBSD installation, using the ports collection,
updating FreeBSD (and updating packages), custom kernel configurations,
performance and security tuning, understanding the rc.d scripts, periodic
tasks, packet filtering, and more.

Course information is at . Discounts are

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