Cool, Matt!

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Sun Apr 10 07:45:43 PDT 2005

  Thanks, I've abandoned broken ctorrent & using a new non broken client, 
  detail below:


Wille Harald <harald.wille at> wrote: 

> 4 people shared the file at this moment, what should be enough.
> ctorrent hasn't a "leach" mode (i think you mean leech mode). 

I checked spelling in the Penguin English Dictionary, - You'r right, thanks,
to paraphrase it:
	Leech: blood sucking/ flesh eating/ clinging nasty.
	Leach: to extract/ filter chemicaly.

> When you are downloading from a peer, you are also uploading
> (sharing) the file and you become another peer.
Yes,  happy to.

> If some clients are only downloading (not wasting any uploading bandwith) you
> are doing it with "maximum speed" -> which means "leech mode".
> But that's not the way bit torrent was intended for. 
> ("Give and ye shall receive!")
> I just seems that you have a bad connection at the moment.
> > If your .torrent file is still handy, could you md5 it please, &
> > if it's not same as mine mail me a copy please ? Maybe mine is corrupted ?
> >   MD5 (techtv-freebsd_clusters.avi.torrent) = a1a4e1ba9e18e527555adad8b198c498
> >
> Your torrent file is not corrupted.
> the MD5 of mine is the same:
> MD5 (techtv-freebsd_clusters.avi.torrent) = a1a4e1ba9e18e527555adad8b198c498

Good, thanks.
> I am the only one, who seeds the file at the moment.
> I also copied the torrent and the final .avi file to my webserver.
> You can get all from here:
> &
Fail (both localy via mozilla & remotely via lynx)
Traceroute works.  Ping fails.  Maybe a firewall your end is disrupting ?

Jeremy Faulkner <gldisater at> wrote:

> ctorrent is a buggy unmaintained application and should probably be 
> removed from ports. I would suggest using the python bittorrent client.

OK, tried /usr/ports/net/py-bittorrent This is Working :-) *torrent
pulling in at a steady 56 kB/s (my DSL s rated @ 768K nominal inward)

Nikolas Britton <freebsd at> wrote:

> Also do you have port 6881 open on the firewall?

I'm deliberately running it on a 24/7 server with no wall.

> I would try a different bittorrent client

Yes, that's the answer, thanks. I only perseverd with ctorrent
'cos I recall someone else on this list said they'd just used it succesfully,
I guess they used a different rev. to my FreeBS-5.3-Rel based rev.

> I personally am using Azureus, from ports.

OK, I see /pub/FreeBSD/branches/-current/ports/net/azureus 
not in 5.3-release & "only for i386" so noted for later thanks.

"Michael W. Oliver" <michael at> wrote: ...
	Thanks, noted for later.

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